Seeing a Counsellor

Adolescent and Family Counsellors provide free confidential Counselling services. Adolescent and Family Counsellors are members of a professional NSW wide Counselling Association.

Adolescent and Family Counsellors provide a safe environment for young people aged 12 to 18 and their families to discuss issues when:

  • There is conflict at home
  • When issues cause unhappiness, fear or anger
  • When there is a sense of hopelessness
  • When something traumatic has happened
  • When there are safety concerns 
  • When there is a belief that change is needed
  • When issues with friends, school, work or family are impacting negatively on their lives

What a Counsellor does

Adolescent and Family Counsellors confidentially support and work with young people and their families to achieve positive change by:

  • Providing strategies to cope with family relationship issues.
  • Providing an environment to discuss and address issues such as risky behaviors
  • Providing a counselling environment that encourages the discussion of emotions
  • Providing a safe place to build the skills that empower the young person and their families to overcome difficulties.

The AFC Counselling Service

The Adolescent and Family Counselling Service provides a centre based counselling Service at Woodrising Neighbourhood Centre as well as an outreach in the local government area of West Lake Macquarie.

Changing and challenging times

Adolescent can be a really challenging time not only for young people but also for their families.

The young person is changing physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. It is time of natural transition in human development of young people of moving towards independence. The ability to progress through this transition safely, with increasing rights, freedoms and responsibilities often becomes problematic for young people and their families.  

Counselling offers a neutral confidential support environment that can facilitate positive changes during these challenging times


The Adolescent and Family Counsellor (AFC) is a free service. Families and young people can self-refer by speaking with the Counsellor directly on (02) 4950 5018. 

Alternatively, the Adolescent and Counsellor will return any phone enquiry that has been left on the Services message bank. Enquires about the AFC service can also be made to Woodrising Neighbourhood Center Administration (02) 49594624. The Adolescent and Family Counsellors accept referrals from a wide range of community sources. 

Please contact the Counsellor for further enquiries (02) 4950 5018