Below are some typical situations with the sort of results that a counsellor has been able to achieve

How client A was helped to become debt free

Client A had considerable credit card debts, a mortgage and had recently been laid off from work. After discussions, the counsellor wrote to the banks for hardship relief on the credit card debts which the banks agreed to. Sometime later the client became eligible for superannuation plus the banks agreed to settle the outstanding credit card debt for considerably less than what was originally owed. This enabled the client to become debt free.

How client B cleared debts and avoided bankruptcy.

Client B had several large bank debts, was unable to work and considered that bankruptcy was the only option. In discussions with the counsellor, other longer term options became apparent. The counsellor helped negotiate a moratorium on the bank debt and assisted the client in successfully pursuing these other options. The banks ultimately settled for considerably less and the client was very happy to avoid bankruptcy and become debt free.

How client C was helped with a large electricity bill and disconnection.

Client C had difficulty repaying a large electricity bill. The client had spoken to the electricity provider but was unable to get a favourable response. The counsellor contacted the provider and negotiated a regular payment plan. Unfortunately the client got behind with the payments and was disconnected and told that 50% of the debt had to be paid to have power reconnected. The client borrowed and repaid this 50% debt so power could be reconnected. The counsellor contacted the Energy Ombudsman pointing out how the client had gone into debt. This resulted in the reconnection fee being waived and a manageable repayment plan arrived at.

How an elderly client D cleared credit card debts.

Client D had four credit card debts totalling $12,000. The client was elderly, had significant health issues and was naturally stressed about the debts. The counsellor contacted the 4 creditors and requested a debt waiver on compassionate grounds. 3 of the 4 creditors granted a waiver, the 4th refused. When it was pointed out to creditor 4 that the other 3 had waived the debt, they reduced their debt from $4300 to $400 if the client could make a full and final payment. The client was able to make the payment.

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